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This iPhone Hack Will Make Your Life Easier

This iPhone Hack Will Make Your Life Easier

Behold, iPhone Users! We have just made an interesting discovery!

There’s a big chance many of us have been using iPhone this whole time not knowing there’s a secret trick we can use while typing a text. It’s obvious that people make typos now and then while causally texting, and with an iPhone making corrections is always a challenge as we have to pinpoint the error using our fingers which is difficult.

But it appears there was always an easier way. Instead of pinpointing where we made the typo with our fat thumb we can now move the cursor itself by just holding down the spacebar!

Is that the first time you’re hearing this? Then scroll on below and check out the details.

It all started with one simple Tweet from a Food Blogger named Krissy Brierre-Davis.

Check out the video and see how it’s done.

It appears that there are a whole lot of people who didn’t know about this either. Here are some of the popular responses to the viral tweet.

This is just brilliant.

The whole game is changed now.


Did you know about this hidden trick? Or are you just as surprised and happy as we are. Leave a comment in the box below and share your views with us!

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