Teacher Faces A Lot Of Backlash Because Of Her Inappropriate And Invasive Test

  • By Asad Tipu
  • September 19, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Whenever back-to-school classes start, it’s customary to do ice-breaker events.

After all, there might be new faces, new teachers, and new subjects, so no one really wants to start it all strict. So they tend to do half serious, jokester events designed entirely to help students ease up.

The questionnaire was actually designed by a bunch of teenagers back in 1967, and has been updated in 1981. It’s obviously still outdated by something like 35 years, so you’re not supposed to take it seriously.

Even so, it was still very, very inappropriate. Especially for a faculty member to ask someone under legal age.

The mom was obviously very, very angry.

In an interview with SomeEcards, she said:

“I couldn’t believe it was really meant to be turned in. It was a shock when I met with the teacher that she said it was indeed meant to be turned in for a grade with their names on it. She said however that she has a ‘do not read’ policy that the students can put on their paper–but I was confused by that, because what is the point then?”

Olivia, the daughter, decided not to answer the questions, and gave a ballsy statement at the top.

The mother continued:

“My daughter was offended because she felt judged due to the fact that the teacher is Mormon (Which apparently no one is talking about). And there were questions on there that were assuming everyone was heterosexual, and you were considered to be ‘bad’ if you weren’t. Not to mention the questions about abortions which is no one’s business!”

It would have been left at that, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

“I never wanted anything to happen to the teacher until she still persisted to give out the assignment after we had spoken and they said they were going to pull it out of the curriculum. I don’t think they knew or are used to a parent following through.”


What do you think? Is it a joke that went too far, or was she right?

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