People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Tips For Maintaining Mental Health & They Actually Gave Some Valuable Advice

  • By Asad Tipu
  • September 26, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

The #MyTipsForMentalHealth trend on Twitter is full of incredible advice.

Mental health is often overlooked and neglected because “it’s all in your head”. What people fail to realise is that your entire personality and being is also “all in your head”. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it needs to be taken care of appropriately.

People, including those with poor mental health, have previously established notions about this. It’s a sensitive topic to many, and difficult to properly address, but thankfully, there are very genuine people out there that want nothing but the best for you.

The surge of advice on Twitter was a goldmine for everyone. Whether you know someone who struggles with mental health or are one yourself, you need to read this.

#1 Don’t wait.

#2 Isolation is a bad idea.

#3 Remind yourself why you’re here.

#4 Prioritise yourself.

#5 Talk about it.

#6 Asking for help is as shameful as putting on a bandage on a broken wrist.

#7 Therapists are the best solution, but they’re not the only solution.


#8 Importance of outlets.

#9 They don’t need to get it for your feelings to be justified. They already are.

#10 It’s not permanent.

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