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Internet Teared Into Reckless Dad Who Did Bungee Jumping With Toddler

Internet Teared Into Reckless Dad Who Did Bungee Jumping With Toddler

As a parent, you have a responsibility to safeguard your child.

From harm, from failure, from everything that may hurt them in any way. After all, they had no choice in the matter of getting born, and it is therefore the responsibility of those who had a choice, the parents, to safeguard their future. That’s why when a parent blatantly disregards their child’s safety, that the collective internet comes down upon them in a rage.

It’s what happened to Malaysian reality TV star Redha Rozlan recently went bungee jumping. We know this because he posted a video on his instagram. He stood on a bridge in Kuala Kuba Bharu, overseeing an approximately 200 feet drop below. Then suddenly, without warning, he’s flung back and thrown into the abyss, free falling.

This video faced an immense backlash online. Why? Because strapped to the star was his two-year-old daughter, without a helmet.

Supposedly, she’s wearing all the right harnesses.

But people are still up in arms about it. There’s no headgear, and certainly not something a child should be subjected to. A grown man could faint, what would happen to a two year old girl?

Rozlan defended himself by saying:

“Chill, guys. Don’t try with your kids if your kids [are] not ready for this.”

Child rights lawyer, Goh Siu Lin, had a different opinion:

“Rope spring jump is an extreme sport and dangerous and there is a high likelihood of the motions in such an activity causing physical injury to her. I have never heard of any child of that age being allowed to participate in such extreme sports,”

Human rights lawyer Andrew Khoo stated:

“Yes, action can be taken under the Child Act. This clearly breached safety requirements, too. The company operating the rope spring jump was also negligent for not preventing the parent from having the child tag along,”

What do you think?

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