19 Times Internet People Just Ruined Disney Movies Along With Your Childhood

People Ruin Everything.

Okay, sorry for being a debbie downer but you can’t say I am lying. Some people just have a sick fascination with ruining your favourite shows with spoilers or ruining your childhood. How can they ruin your childhood, I hear you ask? By reading too much into movies. Especially Disney movies.

It seems like people are hell bent on making sure we can’t enjoy this. I get that many concepts don’t add up or make sense, but people really should keep their horrible thoughts to themselves.

I mean, just look at them! They’re terrifying!

#1 I Whole Heartedly Agree With This Person.

#2 For The Only Educated Person In Her Village, She Can Be Very Stupid Sometimes.

#3 How Do I Get This Image Out Of My Mind?

#4 Were Gabriella And Troy The Real Villains? My Mind Is Completely Blown!

#5 Well, That Just Makes Me Very Sad.

#6 I’d Rather Not Think About It If That Is Alright With Everyone.

#7 What Was She Even Thinking? Or Was She Not?

#8 We All Wish For Impossible Things When We Are Young.

#9 I Just Have One Question, Why Would You Ever Do This? Boredom?

#10 No, I Will Never Accept It. You Can’t Do Anything To Make Me.

#11 What Happened Here? Did The Magic Carpet Get Replaced?

#12 Where Did I Put The Bleach?

#13 No…. Just No!

#14 I Didn’t Think You Could Ruin Aladdin For Me.

#15 Well, Somebody Had To Tell Them.

#16 Why Would You Ever Tell Me That? Don’t You Know The Saying ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’.

#17 Doesn’t Seem Too Far Fetched To Be Completely Honest.

#18 I’d Rather Hear ‘I Am Fine’.

#19 Why Hasn’t Disney Already Made That Movie?

What did you think of the above users and their posts? Did they scar you for life as they did to me? Comment on below and let us know.

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