Internet Roasts Clothing Ad For Displaying Ridiculously Tight Shirt

How do you even breathe in that thing?

People take fashion way too far sometimes. Some trends are just out of control. Just yesterday I saw someone wear a fur jacket with shorts. Like, what? Aren’t your legs cold too?

But, I guess, beauty is pain. If you want to show off your gorgeous body, you’ll have to wear tight-fitting clothes to show off those curves or muscles. Even if it means almost suffocating to death, at least you’ll die fashionably and look good while you’re at it.

A brand named Father & Sons recently put up an ad of a really slim fit shirt, and the Internet didn’t disappoint us by roasting the heck out of it. Scroll down below and enjoy this work of art:

This was the ad:

And, as usual, the Internet had the best response to it.

These memes are gold!

This shirt is available in spray cans too.

I don’t think I have the right body for these clothes.

I don’t think they have this in slim fit.

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