The Internet Is Roasting The Shit Out Of Donald Trump Jr Over His Halloween ‘Socialism’ Tweet

That definitely did not go as planned.

I think Donald Trump Jr was just trying to teach his kid about ‘socialism’. Still not sure as to why he needed to tweet that. Anyway, he took to Twitter to criticize socialism on Halloween night with a very weird analogy. Because apparently, sharing is bad, capitalism is good!

Not surprisingly, Twitter roasted him over the tweet.


It is never too late to learn about charities.

Yes, the roasts included his grammar ‘issues’.


I think it’s too late for him to understand.

It’s never too early!

Most people, however, cared much more about the weird analogy.

Maybe try Googling before you post anything on Twitter?

Trump way or the high way!

I honestly can’t imagine.

What did you think of his tweet? Do you think the Internet is overreacting? Or is the response justified? Comment on below and let us know!

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