10+ Times The Internet Absolutely Roasted The Shit Out Of Fragile Masculinity

Breaking a man’s ego can be fun.

So can be breaking a man’s fragile masculinity. Just make them realise what they’re saying is completely logicless, and watch their manhood fall apart. It’s hilarious sometimes.

Here is some of the best times the Internet absolutely roasted fragile masculinity, embrace yourselves:

#1 The difference.


#2 No, bro. You’re not tougher than the sun.


#3 Manly zodiac signs.



#4 Mants.



#5 Manly shave.



#6 Pee in the frog’s mouth like a man!

#7 Because normal donuts are too feminine.


#8 Guyliner.



#9 Also those who buy tampons for their girlfriends saying “It’s for my girlfriend.”



#10 Don’t you know he won’t be considered a man if you carry tampons around him?


#11 The man game.


#12 Jesus had style.

Twitter: @PhillyKG

#13 Man boots.



#14 Insecurity.


#15 They think this much for just an emoji.

Twitter: @jpbrammer


#16 I think you mean concealer.

Twitter: @KivaBay


#17 Men can’t use umbrellas.

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