Internet helps family identify the horrible thing growing in their water meter

An Imgur User Discovered A Horrible Biological Nightmare.

So, that might be overstating it a tiny bit. When you look at the pictures though, you’ll understand where I am coming from. It somehow looks like it’s not from this Earth. That’s what this Imgur user Robbie1249 might have been afraid of too.

So, he did the most obvious thing and posted the pictures on imgur. I mean how else could he know what the damn thing was? You see, him and his family opened the water meter ‘for the first time in ages’. And, he discovered the following monstrosity.

Via Imgur

Imgur, can you help? My parent’s opened their water meter box for the first time in ages, and found this inside. We have no idea what it is. The box is probably 20x40cm. There were flies buzzing around but no other animals we can see. Kinda afraid to remove it until we know what it is.


A close up for your enjoyment. Are you puking your guts out yet.?

Via Robbie1249

The Imgur Users Were Very Helpful If You Wanted To Know Which Movie This Thing Came From.


I wholeheartedly agree with the guy.



I don’t think he can read when he has that thing in his water meter though.


Yes, Yes it is.


That is great advice regardless of the situation.

However, fret not as people eventually came to Robbie’s help. These people were familiar with Australia’s dystopian wildlife, so they identified the species as Tetragonula. That might sound threating, but they are essentially harmless.

OMG you did it! Thank you Omnirock, TexasRaised, and others… looks like it’s Tetragonula (a kind of stingless bee, that I’d never heard of until now).


I am not sure If I am happy to know that or disappointed. I think a part of me wanted that thing to be extraterrestrial.




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