The Internet Is Divided Over This Toothbrush Debate And You Have To Choose The Right Side

Be very serious and attentive.

We need you to pay close attention to this hot topic.

This post brings a lot of questions in my mind, and after reading it, I’m pretty sure you’ll have the same questions running through yours.

Twitter is buzzing over this toothbrush/toothpaste dispute, and we want YOU to check it out and cast your vote. Here goes…

An important question is in consideration.


That’s not how I do it.

Exactly my thoughts.


It’s actually quite methodological.

Most of us right now.

This should be the universal law.

Of course, people would not agree with that!


How can you just absorb so many different ways of doing it? It’s disgusting.

Point to ponder.



Exactly my point!

A much-needed demonstration for THOSE people.

Then there are people like these who just want to annoy the shit out of the world.

More of the torture.

Completely dry? But how?

And no one sees the problem in that?!


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