10+ Times The Internet Brutally Roasted The Hell Out Of Disney

Many Things In Disney Don’t Make Sense.

Which is inevitable since there have been so many movies and there is bound to be some mistakes. However, you might argue all of the following things have been added in the movies intentionally.

Well, whatever your thoughts on the matter. Just sit back and enjoy the 10+ posts that brutally roast Disney. Be warned as some of your childhood memories might be tainted.

#1 ‘Fool’ Is The Way To Go.


#2 Someone Call The Fashion Police.


#3 Is Belle One Of The Mean Girls?

#4 Didn’t I Warn You Before?


#5 Because Why Not? Kid’s Need More Drama.

#6 Always Be ‘That’ Person.


#7 Why Wasn’t The Dresser In The Live Action Doing The Same?

#8 It Is Not Weird. As I Knew That Too.


#9 The Whole Premise Of Toy Story Has Been Unraveled.


#10 Still Better Than Some People.


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