Internet Applauds For This Guy For His Perfect Response When His Date Said She’s A Trans

Well, what do you know! There are still good men out there.

In a world where trans people are still seen and treated “differently,” it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see people exhibiting a non-discrimina-tory behaviour and spreading love everywhere. The society we live in has always made life harder for people with gender dysphoria, making them feel uncomfortable and out of place; but when we see people like the one in the following story, it restores our faith in humanity.

The guy in the following story gives all of those striving for a change absolute hope! This is a clear-cut sign that we are steadily progressing towards a better tomorrow where everyone will leave the conservative thoughts and beliefs behind!

You see, the way this guy responded when his date came out as trans is making everyone say “marry him!” and it’s just fantastic. It all came to everyone’s notice when the girl, Tiffany Monroe, herself decided to share a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter. So, scroll on below and see how it all went down!

Here’s what Tiffany posted.

And as you can expect people love it!

Everyone wants them to marry.


Unity is everywhere.



Though people love it, some believe that what he did is what’s least expected from everyone.

Yup, in a world where trans people are treated so horribly and dehumanised… its an absolute breath of fresh air to see responses like that. Although as you said, it should be bare minimum and just common.— clvrarose (@_clvrarose)

Some even shared their own experiences.

I recently told my bf that I’ve been experiencing some gender dysphoria and asked if that meant we’d break up since he initially identified as straight, and this man just looks at me and says “I’m dating you because of YOU, not because of your gender.”— NotSoSunshine (@NotSoSunshineMA) March 4, 2019

All in all, it was great what he did, and we certainly need more people like him in the world!

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