Artist Illustrates Most Intense Love Story About A Soap Bar And It’s Awkwardly Fascinating

You must have seen a lot of weird comics, but this is the weirdest shit you’d ever come across.

In this comic, the artist has depicted how a soap bar fell in love with his master and apparently, soaps are “humans” too! They feel, they masturbate and not just that, they have a jealousy factor in them too when you replace them with a new soap or a handwash. Sounds weird af, right? Well, that’s why the aliens won’t talk to us.

But on the bright side, this is hilarious and interesting. So check it out:


This is Ms. Soapy.

What does it look like he’s doing!?

Soapy is confused.

Wait, soapy isn’t confused, she’s falling for her master.

Is Ms. Soapy having a period!?

Falling in love.

Awww, she’s blushing.

Okay, that’s pretty explicit.

Ms. Soapy trying to dry hump a picture.

While Soapy feels the biceps of her love.

Soapy seems hypnotized

Soapy is really into muscular bodies

She seems… delighted.

So fit.

Ugh, this is disturbing.

He’s done taking his bath, and Miss Soapy has been thrown away on the ground.

No wait, that was unintentional.

He’s about to pick her up.

What just happened with me!?

Oh no, she’s bleeding!

Another good day for Soapy.

Err. Definitely not what she expected.

See, she looks exhausted.

Master is back!

Come on now Ms. Soapy, don’t be so desperate.

Damn, what the hell is going on?

She’s still trying to figure it out.

Like? Lesbian action?

Noooo, I’m not into it, Ms. Soapy figured it out.

But Soapy, someone else is handling your Master right now.

This is depressing.

Damn, she’s hot. Not talking about Ms. Soapy though.

Master can’t hear you, Soapy.

Master is having some action.

There he comes!

Still in love after being cheated? Now that’s real love.

Oh boy, the way she gets excited.

Wait, who’s that?

Damn, that’s Ms. Handwash.

Noooo, how could it be!?

Ms. Handwash seems to be enjoying the show this time.

Soapy is definitely angry.

Them expressions though.

Very angry!

Handwash being squeezed. Wait, what!?

Soapy got cheated, again!


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