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10+ ''Me, An Intellectual'' Memes That Will Make Your Inner Nerd Laugh Out Loud

10+ ”Me, An Intellectual” Memes That Will Make Your Inner Nerd Laugh Out Loud

Intellectual People Have To Go Through A Lot Every Day.

I mean, from correcting grammar and fixing people’s spelling mistakes, our life is quite hard. These days, however, it seems like everyone can be smart with the Internet in their pocket 24/7. That is not the case, however, as you will see below:

#1 We Have To Respect Our Elders.

#2 Sure, That Makes Complete Sense.

#3 Well, This Certainly Makes Sense.

#4 Don’t Know About That.

#5 Leave It To ‘Intellectual’ People To Make A Nice Compliment Into Something Weird.

#6 Because Who Says Beans Anymore?

#7 What Is Up With Using U Instead Of You?

#8 Always Use The Full Name.

#9 Now You Might Think Why You Use The Word Potassium? Well…

#10 That Is Exactly What He Wanted To Say.

#11 Which Reptile Might That Be?

#12 He Is Not Wrong After All.

#13 They Are The Monarch Though.

#14 Who Says Lmao Anymore Anyway?

#15 What Did I Say Before In Point 8?

#16 Exactly!

#17 How Could You Forget That?

#18 I Am Siding With The Dumbass Here.

#19 What Do I Even Say To This?

#20 I Have Been Defeated.

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