22 Times Insults Flung on ‘The Golden Girls’ Were Totally Savage

Ah… The world of The Golden Girls.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who haven’t seen this series, allow me to enlighten you. The show is an award winning, critically acclaimed sitcom starring Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty. It was aired from 1985 to 1992. It revolves around four elderly women living in one house, three of whom are widows, and one is divorced.

But that’s not the fun part.

The fun part are the iconic, timeless one-liners that are still as funny now as they were back then. Enjoy the read, and make sure you’re not drinking anything!

#1 The Blanche twist to iconic phrases

NBC / Via welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com

#2 The funny yet savage pranks

NBC / Via sherlockisntgay.tumblr.com

#3 The timeless Sophia burns

NBC / Via tvhousehusband.tumblr.com

#4 Dorothy’s seamless clap-back

NBC / Via lipstickalley.com

#5 When Blanche asked Sophia about her outfit

NBC / Via logotv.tumblr.com

#6 When Dorothy channeled all of our emotions in two sentences

NBC / Via welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com

#7 The way they put each other in their places

NBC / Via craftymcclever.tumblr.com

#8 These sassy women throw shade better than most people today

NBC / Via 9gag.com

#9 Dorothy got ready for dates like we do, over 25 years later

NBC / Via deanwincherter.tumblr.com

#10 Firing back faster and hotter than an actual gun can

NBC / Via pinterest.com

#11 Sophia loves sauce as much as I do

NBC / Via nothingveryserious.tumblr.com

#12 Blanche had an eventful life

NBC / Via cherrycat.tumblr.com

#13 When Rose got the blunt end of Sophia’s sexual frustration

NBC / Via Hulu

#14 Jesus Christ, the shade, the absolute shade.

NBC / Via Hulu

#15 When blunt honesty got belly-aching laughter

NBC / Via pinterest.se

#16 Blanche is the ultimate wingwoman

NBC / Via quotesgram.com

#17 Betty Make can make even gibberish funny

NBC / Via giphy.com

#18 When Dorothy needed protection before Blanch could continue her stories

NBC / Via pretty-little-fools.tumblr.com

#19 I don’t think anything can make you that jumpy, Blanche

NBC / Via houseofdevereaux.tumblr.com

#20 The clap-back from Rose

NBC / Via Hulu

#21 Rose simply did not want to believe what her eyes saw

NBC / Via giphy.com

#22 Blanche echoed all of our words

NBC / Via tchamblers.tumblr.com









There are so many more lines, more than this list can encompass, such as Rose and Dorothy’s exchange over people of colour.

Rose: “What color is black people’s dandruff?”
Dorothy: “Rose, black people don’t have dandruff. God figures they’ve been through enough already.”

Just.. It’s a great show. Go to the nearest video store, and find this glorious set. If you can’t, thank the lord for the internet.

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