10+ Hilarious Instances Where People Had A Brainfart And Couldn’t Remember A Simple Word

I’m sure we’ve all had brainfart moments.

Because I certainly have a lot of them. Especially when I’m out with friends because what’s the fun in looking stupid if you don’t have an audience to see it, right? But as it turns out, it is more common than you think.

People might think that very ‘articulate’ people don’t don’t have this problem. Well, I am here to show you that they do. And while I might have these stupid moments from time to time, at least I never had this infront of a group of more than five people.

So scroll on below and take a look as many people share their own expierences.

Source: Twitter

It all started with this guy.

And this urged other people to share their own expeirences as well.

#1 In her defense, it is a really wet salad.

#2 This happened to me once, didn’t call it the how-far machine though.

#3 Or maybe the people that you really like.

#4 Okay, this happens to me more than I care to admit.

#5 Well, He’s not wrong.

#6 Explained it very well.

#7 I can understand why he’d look at you weird.

#8 That guy! Right there!

#9 I never understood how you pronounce that world.

#10 Today’s lunch is meat pickles!

#11 That is what it should be called in the first place.

#12 I wouldn’t let it go either.

#13 Nurse and Wife certainly sound the same, no?

#14 Just dog babies would have been fine.

#15 That would have got them to listen.

#16 I don’t like the word foal anyway.

#17 According to this post, it seems we all are.

#18 Sounds like a hit song.

#19 Duckapuss it is!

#20 You’ve got a good friend.

#21 Ooh scandalous.

#22 Would get their attention though.

#23 The same thing really.

#24 Will use this in the future.

#25 I think he wanted to find the washroom.

#26 This is quite humorous.

#27 Not technically wrong.

#28 Happy Light Bush Day!

#29 I like your version better.

#30 That must have been awkward.

Have you ever had moments like these? If so, comment down below and let us know.

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