Guys, Instagram Is Now Notifying People When Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Their ‘Post’

Instagram, being one of the biggest social media platforms solely made for pictures, has a lot of interesting, funny and tittle-tattle stuff that we always love to share with our friends.

Possibly, one of the most common things we love to do with our Instagram accounts after pressing the heart icon on pictures is screenshot because why not have little fun and do gossip? Stalking might be a very creepy thing to do and the reason can vary from person to person, but surprisingly, it is even more common than having social media accounts these days.

But now with Instagram’s new feature, the fun of stalking and talking shit about other people’s Instagram accounts might just not be easy.

The app now lets the user notify when you take a screenshot of their photos.


Yes, you read that right.

Instagram is coming out with a safer option for targeted users and it will notify about others taking screenshots of their content – but, don’t worry, because it’s only through a software.

You can still have your favorite gossip or stalking-your-crush moments as they won’t be notified about screenshots of their general posts. But wait, the changes have been made for ‘Instagram Live’ only. If you take a screenshot of their live stories it will notify the user just like Snapchat. So now, in that case, you’re out of luck and the only wise thing to do would be to just view it – unless you’re a badass.


That’s pretty annoying and you would want to blame them, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a good stalking session? Why did they just ruin the fun for us out of nowhere? More often than not, I love being at home, lazy in my bed with one hand in the box of cookies and the other one carrying my phone. I want some sort of entertainment. Especially the sort that lets us talk and bitch about other’s lives with friends because, in the end, it feels satisfying.



The mini heart attack.

After these changes, it can be pretty embarrassing for anyone taking screenshots and it can also be equally uncomfortable for the user whose post got screenshot. Not only will portray you as clingy, but just imagine meeting that person later. Be careful out there, guys!

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