Instagram Features A Photogenic Doggo In Beautiful Places And It Will Touch Your Soul

The Beauty of Companionship

Having someone you really love by your side is one of the best feelings in the world. Now, it can really be anyone, but today we are explicitly talking about the relationship between ‘Hoomans and Doggos.’

Every time there’s a discussion related to the ‘Man’s best friend’ we all know they’re talking about dogs. Dogs are one of the most loyal, faithful and loving animals on the planet and sometimes their excellence makes us wonder if we even deserve them.

Anyway, putting everything side. Today we bring you a remarkable example of how great this bond is by sharing with you the story of Troja and George.

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Meet Troja, an Irish Setter and an Instagram Star who loves travelling and hiking Norwegian mountains with her best friend, George Rotan.

Look at those puppy dog eyes!

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Floof & Ferns

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While speaking to Buzzfeed the owner and Photographer of the adorable doggy, George Rotan talked about their Instagram page and their awesome adventures.

“Troja always came with me on hikes, but I never thought about photographing her until people on the trail started complimenting her looks,” Rotan told BuzzFeed.

“Since I’ve started taking pictures of her, it’s created more of an interaction between us on our hikes. It’s led to a very strong companionship,” he said.

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Remember kids, if you freeze, freeze with style.

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George and Troja have been friends for the past six years. Troja’s previous and original caretaker thought she was too shy and anxious to go to a new home.

“Troja was very weak and insecure as a pup, but she had such a soulful, unique personality,” Rotan said. “I instantly fell in love with her and vowed to help her get better.”

However, after travelling, being socially active, meeting new people and other animals, Troja got much better and felt happier!


“Being with her throughout her process has had such a huge impact on my life and personal development as well,” said Rotan. “She’s shown me why humans and dogs have coexisted so peacefully for thousands of years.”

George and Troja now regularly go for hiking and share their photographs on Instagram. Currently, they have a fan-following of more than 140,000 people. Click here to check out their recent posts!

Look at them. Aren’t they perfect?

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