Instagram Account Post Most Hilarious Existential Crisis Memes That Will Trigger Your Depression Coping Humor

Ever since us nonsentient beings have been introduced to the concept of philosophy, we can’t stop but wonder what life really is aboutIt just makes you question the meaning, purpose, and value of your life. The crisis either strikes suddenly or is a product of much anguish. Therefore, if you start to question your entire existence, then you are likely experiencing an existential crisis.

It’s also tough to get out of because you’re continually debating whether reality has a purpose or not. However, Instagram account ‘Texts From Your Existentialist’ knows exactly where you’re coming from.

The page is a juxtaposition of April Eileen Henry’s paintings and movie stills. This poet’s philosophy is to help you cope up with the harsh realities of life, catering to “bring more messages that speak to the pity party line and the seldom spoken sadnesses of life.”

1. Even my inner monologue is tired of hearing my shit.

2. A group of people is called a hell.

3. New phone, who dis?

4. What state do you live in?

5. The best way to prepare for disappointment is to wake up.

6. Hitting rock bottom.

7. Sleeping is dress rehearsal before death.

8. Let’s lose hope together.

9. Not enough.

10. In a relationship with self-destruction.

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