A Guy Found A Insane List Of Relationship Rules In A Used Car And It’s Too Much

  • By Asad Tipu
  • August 11, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

There are certain rules to when you’re in a relationship.

Don’t cheat, give them necessary attention, and communicate what’s going on in your life effectively. But there aren’t many drawn out, contract-like lists of rules either, especially none as crazy as this guy found. See, he had just bought a used car, and inside it, he found a paper filled with outrageous relationship rules.

You are NOT to hang out with your friends more than two times a week

That’s abusive. You don’t control the friendships of your partner. It’s abusive.

You’re NOT to look at a single girl

Not your teacher, not your mother, or your sister, just no girls.

If girls come up to you at any place or anytime you are to WALK away

It’s not like women are people too.

You are NOT to ask for head

Hahahahaha, after having the audacity to have her boyfriend follow all these things, she puts this in too?

You are NOT allowed to get mad at me about a single thing ever again

Jeez. Someone has a high opinion of themselves. If you mess up, the boyfriend has every single right to get mad at you.

If I say jump you say “how high princess”

He’s your partner, not your slave.

You are to NEVER take longer than 10 mins to text me back. 

It’s not like he has a life of his own which might take precedence over you.

This relationship is as healthy as obesity.

People on Twitter have made it obvious that this list is a work of a psychopath.


This entire list is batshit insane.


A lot of people are treating it as a joke, and given the absurdity, we hope it is.

This is legitimate emotional abuse, not something we should be making fun of.


If that guy is reading this… Run, bro. Run.

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