8 Insane WTF Backstories Behind Your Favorite Shows That You Didn’t Know

8. Rick And Morty, A Mucky Attempt To Get An Informal Lay Off.

Rick and Morty is one of the most watched cartoons on television. And after Mad Men, the second best show to feature a character named “Mr Poopybutthole” Basically, a less incest and more irrelevant version of Back To The Future.

Upping the ante on Doc’s questionable ethics, the show began as an attempt to mess with a big movie studio. The obvious spoof of Back To The Future made by Rick and Morty, co-created by Dan Horman first showed up in the cult screening series channel 101.

With no endeavor to reach cartoon greatness, Doc uses time travel as a way to force Marty to lick his balls. That is Doc’s balls instead of merely pretending as a bomb maker to poach radioactive material.

The only reason Justin Roiland created the show was in hopes to get a cease-and-desist letter from Universal Studios.

7. Mystery Science Theater Came To Existence 3000 All Because Of The Liner Notes Of An Elton John Record.

Set in a strange and distant galaxy, this pleasurable royalty check for millions of movie geeks owes its existence to Mr Elton John.

According to creator Joel Hodgson, the idea of the show popped up in his mind when he read the liner notes of the pop-rock god. John Elton’s album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, particularly the song Gone With The Wind inspired the aesthetics of the show.

Looking at the drawing, Hodgson eventually made history by fusing his ideas with his hobby of making robot sculptures.

“That would be an awesome idea for a TV show. You could use a green screen and have these people sit in silhouette and talk during the movie.” He said.

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