People On Twitter Shared Their Inappropriate Thoughts During Funerals And It’s Hilarious

Funerals are a sad time.

And it is understandable that most guests at a funeral are either crying or just there for the food. However, as you may already know, our brain is quite a powerful thing and can sometimes make us think inappriopriate things atunfortunate times.

No, I don’t mean those kind of inappropriate so get your mind out of the gutter. What I mean is sometimes at a funeral people can think of morbid but hilarious things. Let us just say that it is a good thing nobody can read minds because that would get us into quite a lot of trouble.

So scroll on below and take a look at some of the inapporpriate things people thought of during a funeral. R.I.P

Source: Twitter

#1 Hahaha…funny.

#2 I don’t blame this guy, I would think about the same thing.

#3 That is very important to know.

#4 Getting the perfect selfie is harder than it looks.

#5 Yah, Not really but nobody is stopping you.

#6 You and I are going to put the fun back in funeral.

#7 How dare he die before paying back!

#8 Shall we throw a bouqet of flowers to see?

#9 I understand this one. Hunger doesn’t vanish just because someone is dead.

#10 Single and probabaly unavailable.

#11 Excluding the dead? Then yes.

#12 They made you sing didn’t they?

#13 If you have to ask.

#14 Probabaly longer than 10 minutes.

#15 Dying doesn’t automatically make you a saint although many people act like it does.

#16 So when did you die?

Do you have any inappropriate funeral thoughts to share? If so comment down below and let us know.

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