20+ Extremely Important Questions World Needs Americans To Answer Right Now

  • By Asad Tipu
  • September 17, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

America sometimes seems to live in a world of its own.

I understand the irony behind that considering we all live in the same world (Earth), but bear with me here. Sometimes it seems like America looks to what everyone else in the world is doing and decides to go in the exact opposite direction. And not always in a good way.

For example, public toilets in America have a small gap in between that completely ruins the purpose of private cubicles. You do realise that you can peek through them, right?

That’s just for starters! There are a hundred and ten different things I’d ask my American friends, but here are only a fraction of the most important.

#1 What’s your obsession with autumn?

@trishj27 / Instagram / Via instagram.com

#2 Why do you use Fahrenheit? It’s so confusing.


#3 Why do you hate the Metric system?

Rede Globo

#4 Why are your dates in a weird order? Days turn to months, not month into days. It’s 10th of September, not September of 10th.


#5 Why don’t you just buy electric kettles?

Woolzian / Getty Images

#6 What’s up with your biscuits and gravy?

@y969country / Instagram / Via instagram.com

#7 The hell is a grit?

@mullysrestaurant / Instagram / Via instagram.com

#8 Why do you have drive-throughs of everything? Don’t you need to stretch your legs?

@mecknus / Instagram / Via instagram.com

#9 The college football obsession?

@aztech_screenprinting / Instagram / Via instagram.com

#10 Why do you take already great shows and Americanise them?


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