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10+ Photos That Prove Humor Is Important For Every Family

10+ Photos That Prove Humor Is Important For Every Family

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 12, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

You don’t often get to pick your family.

You didn’t choose who your mother was, who your father was, who your child will be. Usually, you do get to pick who your spouse is, but not their father, mother, etc. The reason I bring it up is because you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them. It’s important that you like them, or learn to like them.

Which brings us to these people. Their families aren’t just easy to deal with, they’re absolutely hilarious which makes them amazing for both the people involved, and us, watching from the outside.

#1 “My mother-in-law’s present to me.”

bourbonboots / reddit

#2 “My wife has just finished Police Academy, and her sister sent her a bunch of donuts.”

Mr_Dislexyc / reddit

#3 “My mother-in-law thought this present would embarrass me, but she was wrong.”

t0pd4wg / reddit

#4 “My aunt’s outfit was way cooler than all of ours.”

overanalyst / imgur

#5 “Why don’t I take a selfie while my sister is in labor?”

KattegoryPhotography / reddit

#6 “I took my son to meet his Uncle Joe.”

Pelle1101 / reddit

#7 “My 84-year-old grandmother was too shy to wear a nightgown in front of us, so I decided to support her. Well, it is really comfortable.”

JarrodAlonge / reddit

#8 “My nephews and nieces didn’t appreciate my Christmas presents this year.”

Joshyboy401 / imgur

#9 “My uncle won first prize in a competition. This is the best Ursula I have ever seen!”

tbond22 / reddit

#10 “This is how my family reacts to my father’s jokes.”

© BluenoseGeo / imgur
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