15 Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Are Impawsible Not To Laugh At

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. They are loyal, they are great companions and, as these photos prove, they can also be incredibly hilarious. Once again, we at RearFront have dived into the world of Snapchat to find more animals doing the funniest things and have emerged with only the best and most funny snaps for your entertainment. And, just to match with our recent post on hilarious cat Snapchats, these all come courtesy of our favourite four-legged canine friends.

So… who did it best? Who won the age old battle between cats and dogs for the title of funniest animal? Take a look at these paw-some pooches and then check out our list of funny felines. Pick your winner and leave it in the comments below!


Maybe she doesn’t like the hat?


They just want to say hello!


“Found you!”


I would trust him as captain.


He just wants to show them the joys of big sticks.


“Hello? It’s me…”


I think they want his lunch money.


They both look so sad! Someone put them out of their misery!


They’re learning fast…


I would buy it.


I’m sure he would get a lot of matches.


This dog just looks radioactive.


Caught in the act!


What a good patient boy!


This is also why dogs can’t have nice things.

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