Immigrant Doctor Was Fed Up With His Racist Boss’ Abuse So He Took A Brilliant Revenge & Bankrupt Him

We have heard numerous stories regarding immigrants not being treated well as if they are not even humans.

However, Canadians are known for welcoming immigrants with open arms.

Although yes, there’s racism present in every country, but of course, the percentage varies from country to country. Anyway, as everybody knows that there aren’t a lot of qualified doctors in Australia, it’s a disaster for locals because every day Australians keep falling short of qualified doctors.

Moving on, Australians aren’t good with immigrants, and a similar story of a Doctor was shared, who was an immigrant in Australia & faced a lot of racism because he was an Indian.

But that’s not where the story is going to end; this story is about how the Doctor came up with an amazing revenge plan against his employer and how he patiently executed his plan which took years.

Take a look at the story and observe how the doctor planned his revenge.

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So basically, the Australian government gave him citizenship because of shortage.

His Uncle was surely talented, and talent never gets wasted.

Apparently, GPs are more popular as compared to surgeons.

This is called taking advantage of the situation & using it against the poor, who are already stuck in their lives.

His uncle was a great guy for sure! Because doctors are well known for overcharging patients.

That’s ridiculous! Racism being┬átaken to extreme heights.

That was his first step towards success.

And that is the reason why talent never gets wasted if you are hard working.

His revenge-plan worked flawlessly!

Bravo! That’s the best revenge he could have taken against his employer.

It surely impressed the Reddit community and here’s what they had to say about it:

They called it the perfect revenge.

And the good kind of revenge.

“Petty revenge.”




What did you think about his revenge? Perfect, or way too petty?

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