This Illustrator Summarized Classical Books In A Hilarious Way That’ll Leave Your Sides Hurting

The world is mine oyster.

Have you always wanted to read one of those meticulously written classic books? But you never got a chance to because you’re always so busy. And you cannot take out hours every day to admire the archaic excellence of these books. Also, you’re not much of a reader and the last time you picked up a book was in eighth grade.

You won’t have to be one of the deprived non-readers anymore; illustrator John Atkinson did us all a favor. You won’t be the only one who hasn’t read the ever-popular classics. Atkinson has transformed all of these classic books into ultra-concise books which are even available on Amazon.

Now, you don’t have to skim through the thousands of pages of The Odyssey, just to find out that Odysseus kills everybody at the end of the book.

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1984: Vision of a dystopian future (now called Tuesday).

Lord of the flies: Marooned boys are bad at everything except killing each other.

Don Quixote: Guy attacks windmills. Also, he’s mad.

Moby Dick: Man vs. whale. Whale wins.

Ulysses: Dublin, something, something, something, run-on sentence.

The sun also rises: Lost generation gets drunk. They’re still lost.

Wuthering Heights: A sort-of brother and sister fall in love. It’s foggy.

The Odyssey: War veteran takes forever to get home then kills everyone.

Walden: Man sits outside for two years. Nothing happens.

Beowulf: Hero kills a monster. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Dragon kills Hero.

The Canterbury Tales: the Medieval version of “99 bottles of beer”.

Macbeth: Old ladies convince a guy to ruin Scotland.

The Brothers Karamazov: Brothers are very contentious, like their father. Also, Russia.

The catcher in the rye: Moody teen complains a lot. He has a red hat.

War and peace: Everyone is sad. It snows.

The grapes of wrath: Farming sucks. Road trip! Road trip sucks.

Crime and punishment: Murderer feels bad. Confesses. Goes to jail. Feels better.

Dante’s Inferno: All hell breaks loose.

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