10+ Surreal Satirical Illustrations That Will Make You Stop And Think About Life

Art is the realest form of expression.

A talented Tel Aviv based artist, Asaf Hanuka, known for his often satirical autobiographical web-comics on the internet, created illustrations about his life in Israel. The artist added a humorous touch to the modern society and parenting in Israel, and sometimes even a surreal twist to the captured moments. The theme revolving around his art is thought provoking, engaging and colorful at the same time.

Source: asafhanuka.com | Facebook

1. Underworld

2. Handy man.

3. Likecoholic.

4. Smile!

5. The fantastic four.

6. Viral.

7. Ding!

8. The price of happiness.

9. Eye exam.

10. Local wonder.

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