10+ Illustrations That Prove That The World Is A Fucked Up Place Now

Nothing is as it seems.

I know how cliche that point is. But can any of us argue with the truth behind it? We all know that the world is changing and we have to move with it or we will be left behind. But is every change really for the better? Or are we just fooling ourselves?

Well, many people seem to think we are changing for the worse. The artists behind the following illustrations certainly raise very valid and thought-provoking questions. So, here are some illustrations that represent the most serious problems our world is facing today.

#1 Just another zombie.

#2 Every man for himself.

#3 Those who dare to break the system.

Via Instagram

#4 How to inflate your ego.

#5 Innovation.

#6 Through the drinking glass.

#7 The real focus.

Via balance

#8 The harmful rays.

#9 Hiding the truth.

#10 No difference at all.

Via Tumblr

#11 The reality behind the glamor.

#12 The sweet lies.

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