5+ Illustrations That Every Bi-Racial Person Can Relate To

People love to put others in a box.

I mean, if you don’t belong to one single group, you don’t belong to any, right? At least that is what many people think. Whether you agree or not, you have probably dealt with this loads of times in your lifetime.

That is especially if you are bi-racial. What are you supposed to put in the specification box of your race? Why do they only allow us to tick one box? What if someone is white, black and Asian!? What then?

Well, nothing, since you’re gonna have to ‘specify’ yourself into one group whether you want to or not. So following are some of the best comics that show what Bi-Racial people have to deal with every day.

#1 Gray is the new black.

Via Jasmine

Well, not really, you’ll probably be light brown, I guess? I honestly have no idea what I am talking about.

#2 White? Black? Hispanic? No!

Via Jasmine

Why do we have to choose one!? Why can’t we choose two or even three? Is that so hard to understand?

#3 The true ‘whites’ and the true ‘blacks.’

Via Jasmine

Who decides if a person is ‘black’ black? And why does it even matter?

#4 ‘What are you?’

Via Jasmine

The more important question here is what are you because you’re the one who looks weird.

#5 Bi-racial siblings.

Via Jasmine

‘Yes, she is my sister. No, we are not dating!’ 

#6 The infamous ‘black’ tan.

Via Jasmine

In defense of most people, many just don’t understand but maybe in time, we will.

Have you ever had to face these problems? Why not comment down below and let us know?

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