10+ Clever Illustrations About Life That Will Open Your Eyes To The Real World

The world is in a constant state of shakiness. There’s a lack of persistence concerning basically everything, starting from peace treaties to equal rights. The world is a total mess. Nonetheless, the overstimulation of people leads to irrevocable damage, especially when the light is shed upon these pressing issues. It becomes difficult to talk about the diplomatic topics because of the inevitability of being perceived as disrespectful. Moreover, it damages the fabric of what keeps the dream alive of a more humane and thoughtful world.

Talking about diplomatic issues can be a touchy subject. It can be intrusive for many because of their different yet strong beliefs. And there’s a probability that the outlook of the message may be lost in translation, overshadowed by bias. However, one of the most potent ways of conveying a message is through art. Art speaks volumes! And that’s what this Mexico based, Italian freelance artist has done. Macro Melgrati visualized the world from his perspective and put it down as art. Putting out the message very clearly.

Here are some clever illustrations about life that will open your eyes to the real world:

Source: Instagram

1. The politics.

2. A world full of lies.

3. A painted perception.

4. Adapting to the harsh realities.

5. Hoisting the flag.

6. Writing history.

7. Weighed down by false hopes.

8. Trying.

9. Communication barriers.

10. Is the world really a global village?

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