15+ Spot On Comics That Illustrates Adventures Of Being A New Mom

  • By Asad Tipu
  • August 17, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Being a mother is a full time job.

Just ask artist and brand new mother Lucy Scott. She wanted to retain the memories of the first year of motherhood, so she drew little autobiographical doodles. In an interview with Upworthy, she said:

“It felt cathartic to try and make mom friends laugh at what, at the time, were challenging moments. What I didn’t realize then was that you forget so much of that first year. I’m really glad now that I have my doodles to look back at and remember.”

#1 Always be prepared.

#2 Shopping for prams.

#3 Gender reveal.

#4 When you realise you’re the adult now.

#5 And that going out isn’t as simple anymore.

#6 Who knows what the baby does unattended?

#7 Conversations between her husband have changed.

#8 Drastically.

#9 Even her husband leaving for work is different.

#10 As well as him coming back home.

#11 Breastfeeding isn’t as simple as most people think.

#12 But grandma’s presents alone are worth it.

#13 Popping in uninvited is a disaster.

#14 You’ve got to learn to eat and feed at the same time.

#15 And those scheduled date nights are just naps.

#16 Even scheduled sleep time isn’t normal.

#17 But you can use the baby as an excuse to get out of events.

#18 There’s nothing to be more proud of than realising that your body grew life.


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