Someone Actually Illustrated That ‘Harry Potter’ Chapter Written By Predictive Text Bot & It’s Too Funny

In case you missed the news this week, Harry Potter fan fiction was made with the help of augmented content creation technology.

With that, Bitonik Studios became an instant social media hit and had been appreciated for this little surprise for Harry Potter fans. They fed the original text of the seven books of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowlings in the bot. The predictive keyboard, with the help of algorithms, made a product that was hilarious and loved by social media.

As much as it was refreshing to see Harry Potter still alive in some kind of form for fans, the response was overwhelming.

Give it a read and find the glimpses of people’s reactions below:


Did that leave you wanting for more? Then you’re not alone. People had similar responses. Some of them even expressed their wish for a whole book by the bot. Let’s not blame them, humor with magic is always an appealing combination.





But another by-product was the illustration which came in later.

Ron as a Loud, Slow and Soft Bird.



Pumpkins Falling Out


Harry Without Eyes?

Ron’s Ron shirt.


Hermione dipped in a hot sauce… yum!

Beef Women.


Shy Death Eaters.

Hermione Has Forgotten How To Dance.



You’re More Like Piggrid Now.


Someone Has Scooty Hair


Ron’s future in-laws are gone.



But, Handsome Ron.


Fierce Harry.



New meme in the market.



People who found them were in absolute love.


After all this, one can expect Megan and that Bot to give us yet another illustration masterpiece of this fan fiction. Imagine how cool that would be? Already looking forward to it!

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