IKEA Has Launched A Pet Furniture Collection & Pet Owners Are Going All Crazy For It

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 14, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

IKEA is the Swedish furniture store that has all your needs.

And I mean all. Have triplets, but the first and third not really see eye to eye? I’m like 80% sure IKEA has a bed for that, as well as matching dressers and cupboards. So notice my surprise when turns out that IKEA didn’t have pet friendly furniture.

Apparently, the Swedish giant was also very surprised, because they immediately went ahead and fixed it. That’s right, IKEA now has hard to assemble furniture that’s designed with your pet in mind. The new range is called Lurvig which is Swedish for “hairy” (of course it is), and it’s coming to the US and Canada, as well as France and Japan.

Source: IKEA

#1 Cat tunnel.

#2 A cupboard home.

#3 It’s got all your furry needs.

#4 Yarn ball toy!

#5 Floor dog rug.

#6 Couch mat.

#7 Dog bowl attachment.

#8 A comfy bed!

#9 Scratching post.

#10 Playpen.

#11 Lil’ something for your lil’ furballs.

#12 The cat looks so angry.

#13 Cat carry!

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