10+ Things You’ll Recognize If You Are A Younger Sibling & Then Call Your Eldest Sibling to Apologize

Being a younger sibling, you’re used to being treated like a prince/ princess. Because you got the best of it. In short, being the youngest is a treat! After years of being randomly tackled in the living room, you’re quite good at standing up for yourself. However, If anyone messes with you, your amazing older siblings will always have your back.

Here are 10+ reasons why being the youngest sibling is the goddamn best:

1. Your sibling’s gifts are always better during birthdays and holidays!


2. However, being the oldest has its occasional perks too.

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3. Your parents were always strict with you.

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4. Who needs an Uber when you have an elder sibling.

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5. You hear the “I expected more from you” speeches every single time.

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6. You always get away because of being younger.


7. Your siblings are always secondary characters in a game.

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8. You are labelled as the cruel one by your sibling.

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9. Trying to play it cool but ending up to be a little rough.

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10. Outsmarting both your siblings and parents like a boss.

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11. Always being blamed for a crime you did not commit.


12. When your sibling over exaggerates.

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13. Prevent your sibling from touching your toys even when mom asked you to let them play.

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14. Being in charge is the best.

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15. They expect to be taken care of by you just like their parents

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16. When they catch you red handed.

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17. Your parents always see you hitting them


18. When they make a cunning face after getting away with literally everything.

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19. Amen for all the oldest children out there!

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