These Illustrations Will Hit A Little Too Close To Home If You Are A Doggo Parent

There’s no creature more loyal than dogs in this universe!

When it comes to loyalty, dogs are near perfect. They are man’s best friend. And their loving and heartwarming behaviour won’t make you doubt it for even a second. Dogs are literally the sweetest creatures you’ll ever come across. They fill your life with joy and won’t expect anything in return, because that’s how they function. They never shy away from spreading love. In fact, I’d say you won’t ever need to interact with another person ever again if you have a dog buddy waiting for you at home.

An artist named Lingvistov used her creativity to capture lovely moments involving dogs through her illustrations. If you’re a dog owner, there’s no way you won’t be able to relate to this!

Via Lingvistov

1. Learn a lesson from your dog: No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on.

2. Agenda of the day: Let the dog in. Let the dog out!

3. All food must go to the lab for testing.

4. Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog.

5. Dogs bark at nothing, keep telling yourself that.

6. I see you have pizza. I also like pizza.

7. Let me in. I need to go back out again.

8. Leave me alone. I’m only speaking to my dog today.

9. The dog did it!

10. There’s an unspoken rule that when your pet is sleeping on you, you don’t move!

Which illustration did you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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