Hilarious Comics Depicts How It Would Be Like If We Flirted Like Animals

Ben Hed is at it again.

He makes us question things that we don’t need the answers of and yet he gives us the answers anyway. So what questions are we asking today? Well, what if humans flirted like animals? It would certainly be interesting and not what we usually do.

However, I am not sure this would be the best course of action considering that animals have entirely different bodies than we do except for monkeys of course. As it turns out Ben Hed, the creator of @pet_fooley already has the answer for us.

So scroll on below and take a look at how humans would act like.

Source: Instagram | Website

It seems that flirting would be a tiny bit easier and quite fast, so that is a plus!

Not sure about this one, many people would break their necks like this.

I feel you, man.

It seems that this black widow is not at all like the black widow in Avengers.

He is not wrong! What else could he do?

Absolutely love the eyes.

Makes sense, Penguins are quite innocent creatures. Wish humans were like this.

Okay, I am not with you. Do you even know how hard it is to climb a tree?

This part I can get on with. Your throat might hurt after a while but remember to do it in a crowded area.

Comment down below and let us know what you thought of this comic. Would you ever try one of these methods?

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