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Husband's Eye-Opening Video About His Wife's Pay As A Teacher Has The Whole Internet Angry

Husband’s Eye-Opening Video About His Wife’s Pay As A Teacher Has The Whole Internet Angry

Teaching might be the most thankless job ever.

Even though it ranks in one of the most important jobs in the world since without teachers our countries would not be going forward. Education is an integral part of moving forward and yet teachers get little to no appreciation for their hard work.

I get that it is important, however, even teachers are trying to earn money to live their lives. Even they have expenses and families. After all, it is a job and yet it pays considerably less than many other jobs with almost no benefits.

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that many teachers have to spend their own hard-earned money to buy school supplies.

So that is probably why James Deming from Tusla, Oklahoma got extremely angry when someone he was talking to dismissed a teacher strike that may take place in the state by stating that teachers get the summer off.

So Deming decided to research into this and here is the video that explains it all.

But they get the summers off! A comparison of a Tulsa teacher’s salary to other Oklahoma working professionals.Check out the follow up at the following link: licensing or usage, contact

Geplaatst door James W. Deming op Dinsdag 6 maart 2018

Unsurprisingly, his post went viral. And many commenters urged him to make another video comparing the teacher’s job to other public sector workers.

So he did just that and the result is truly sad.

NEW VIDEO – PART 2Teachers deserve more than money, they deserve respect. Like a Police Officer, or a Nurse. More comments about that, and those mysterious summers off.Part 2 of “But they get the summers off” If you'd like to see Part 1: for those of you asking about my yellow shirt – we keep bees as a hobby. You can follow that journey at

Geplaatst door James W. Deming op Donderdag 8 maart 2018

And people seem to agree with his findings.

Well said. I agree with what you said however they are not the only underpaid profession. Social workers among many other professions are as well.

As many Facebook commenters added their own tidbits.

Not to mention they have to do deal with the children that disrupt the class and are not properly trained to handle a lot of behavioral issues they deal with EVERY DAY that in turn takes away from teaching time.

It blows my mind what teachers get paid. They are expected to raise and teach our children on pennies.

Even teachers joined in.

We did not get new reading books. We got science books 1 per 2 kids, and math we have to create all the work. They keep putting more on our plates in the name of budget cuts. It’s gets old!

And mentioned about spending their own money.

And not to mention the cost of a printer and ink, paper, laminator and laminating pouches because you are discouraged from printing (especially in color) at school because they can’t afford ink and paper.

While some added their own figures.

I love this video, but I don’t think your “white collar” figures are accurate for the majority of the population. For example, my family’s health insurance is over $800/month, and I’ve never known anyone with paternity benefits.

Many were quite thankful because of this eye-opening videos.

Thank you James! I hope you don’t mind if I share! I am so grateful to people like your wife that work so hard to give our kids an education!

And people agreed wholeheartedly.

I could do similar math with mine and my wife’s police department CSI job.
Except she works more than me and makes less.

What are your thoughts on this video?

Let’s hope this video reaches the people in OKC so that they can get something done – and done THE RIGHT way for our deserving teachers so they don’t have to strike.

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