Wife Goes Insane As Husband Pranked Her By Sending ‘Accidental Haircut’ Of Their Kid

A couple plays pranks on each other to spice up their relationship.

Things are more interesting with their plans laid out for a whole lot fun.

A husband decided to freak his wife out with a little photoshop trick. He decided to use their toddler’s beautiful hair as a bait to scare her. It was a witty plan which totally worked. The wife had a genuine right to be concerned about her family’s good looks.

Check out the full conversation to see how well the husband played the innocent wife.

It started off easy.

But then things started getting suspicious.

And then she freaked out.

He was obviously enjoying himself.

Everything was planned.

And she only got madder.

Which, of course, meant that he was having the time of his life.

Congratulations, it’s a sweet potato.

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