How Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Humanised Animals

The beloved Disney princesses have forever been the centre of love and inspiration for many children and adults. While every one of them is a great work of art, sometimes Disney fans pour in their own creativity to add unique beauty to their favorite characters.

Among the many, there is one Kisaira Peña. She has introduced her unique way of looking at Disney princesses. Kisara is an illustrator, designer, writer and co-founder of Sisters Bind. She is a born artist. Since her childhood days, she used to spend hours on a drawing, making clothes for her paper dolls, writing poems and stories.

The following illustrations are from her signature art series which shows how she imagines the Disney Princess in form of humanized animals. Enjoy her work!

#1 Snowy Dovy

#2 My little Merseal

#3 Mousyrella

#4 My Deer sleeping beauty

#5 The lady Froggy and the toad

#6 Foxen

#7 Pa Mulan

#8 Bellabeast

#9 Meryfoxy

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