This Chinese Artist Makes Human Versions Of Cats & Dogs, And Her Digital Art Is Mind-Blowing

If Cats & Dogs were humans, this is what they would look like!

Creativity and imagination certainly know no bounds. That’s why artists keep on coming up with even more exciting things than before. As of today, we bring you some artwork from a very talented female Chinese Artist named Xuedaixun. Her artwork consists of multiple categories. However, most of it revolves around characters as featured in Chinese comics (Manhua).

And today we have chosen a specific category where Xuedaixun has created human versions of Cats and Dogs. These human versions show similar characteristics, appearances, colours, and pose of the original image.

So scroll on below and take a look at how fabulous these cats and dogs would look if they were people. Enjoy!

Xuedaixun| Weibo.com

Mesmerising isn’t it?

10/10 good human right there!


Heterochromia? Looks incredible.

On point!

Cold and strong.

Mystic eyes.

White beauty.

The blue-eyed princess.


Playful and frisky *winks*

Enchanting and adorable.

“Cute, but will fight.”

Pure and affectionate.

Lively and confident.

Majestic Queen.

Sharp and agile.

Jawline pose!

Here’s an absolute smol one!

Sleek hair!

Cute and innocent.

And here’s a little magic mushroom effect.

What do you think of these human versions? Which one of these is your favourite? Leave a comment in the box below and share your views with us!

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