This Server Received a HUGE Tip For a Simple Act of Kindness

Little deeds of kindness can bring unprecedented joy to someone’s life. A single kind smile, gesture or act can make someone’s day beyond special. We know that life is complicated and challenging. Every day brings a new challenge, and quite frankly, most often it is an exhausting job just to live. But we must understand that together with small contributions of love and kindness we can bring about beautiful moments in our lives.

For example.Kasey Simmons, who works at Dallas-area Applebee’s restaurant. He was having an entirely typical day at work and had no idea what life had in store for him.

The day he chalked off as “typical” would be anything but.

via: WFAA

He’s a waiter. And one of his serving tables ordered the cheapest thing possible i.e. something that cost just 37 cents.

However, they tipped him a massive $500.

via: WFAA

Along with that generous tip, the person left a “Thank you” note on a napkin explaining the rationale behind this great generosity.

It turned out that this awesome tip was the result of a “little deed of kindness” by Kasey.

via: WFAA

A few days ago Kasey helped a lady with her groceries when he felt that she was quite upset at something (It was his husband’s anniversary). Kasey attended to the lady with kindness, complemented her beauty and even paid the grocery bill for her.

The person who left that generous tip for Kasey was none other than that old woman’s daughter.

She wanted to show her gratitude for this beautiful and kind gesture for her mother. So she arranged a surprisingly generous tip along with a lovely thank you note as her way of saying thank you.

Kasey said, “It was only $17, but it’s not about the money. It’s about showing someone you care.”

That tip is the true example of how little deeds of kindness can bring about extraordinary happiness, not just in our lives, but the lives of those around us.


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