10+ Pictures Of Huge Doggos That Still Think They Are Lap Dogs

Just Be Who You Want To Be.

Yes, I wholly believe that statement. Even if it means you’d probably cause cramps in your owner’s legs. Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, I am talking about our best friends, dogs of course.

If you have a pet dog, you may know that they can grow considerably huge. I don’t mean that in a bad way though. Everyone grows. However, what they don’t realize is that they are probably too huge to be considered a lap dog. That tiny fact is not stopping them from trying though.

#1 When Your Lap Dog Completely Smushes You.

Via EllisHazzar

#2 When You Need Support So Your Legs Can Have Some Relief.

Via www.sukelalist.com

#3 Are We Sure That Is Not A Baby Horse?

Via brittskyy

#4 The Moment He Decides To Stand Up Is Gonna Hurt Bad.

Via thebeardedcannuck

#5 Whatever She Believes Must Be The Truth.

Via RominaBambina

#6 The Man Is 61/2 Feet Tall. I’ll Let You Work That Out Yourself.

Via bigstevek2703

#7 This One Doesn’t Understand The Difference Between 20lbs And 110lbs.

#8 This Dog Does Not Like Being Ignored.

#9 Transition From Meatball To Meatloaf.

#10 This Is A Beautiful Horse.

#11 This Is The Furriest And Tallest Dog I’ve Ever Seen.

#12 He Thinks He Is A Cat.

#13 When You Have To Sit Down To Hug Your Dog.

#14 Who Doesn’t Love German Shepherds?

#15 The Other Dog Is Not Happy.

#16 Where Is The Face Of The Dog?

#17 I Think This Woman Has Mistaken A Bear For A Dog.

#18 Well, At least The Recliner Still Works.

#19 She Just Wants Love.

#20 Well, At least She Is Sitting On His Side.

#21 What Can You Even Say Except Aww.

#22 How Is She Even Holding Him Up?

Do you have a pet dog? If so does he/she like to rest in your lap? And the final question, is it too huge for being a lap dog? Well, we would love to hear some stories from you in the comments below.

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