HR Manager Rejected An Immigrant With A Rude Response And The Daughter Made The HR Pay For What He Did

When we talk about an HR Manager, a lot of possibilities come to our mind.

He can be a nice and humble guy, or he can be a prick too.

However, this guy that we are about to tell you about was nowhere near nice. We are about to tell you how that HR Manager replied to Minh Huynh, who was a Vietnamese immigrant.

Minh Huynh had some job experience too in his relevant department but Bruce Peterson (HR Manager), didn’t really care about it and replied to him very rudely. It was inappropriate, and people started talking about it all over Twitter which highlighted the problems immigrants face while finding jobs.

Although, yes, English is indeed a requirement that most employers seek for. However, it still doesn’t justify the way Bruce gave this ridiculous response to Minh Huynh which probably destroyed his self-esteem and confidence.

Minh Huynh has a daughter named Emily, who went into shock when she saw Bruce’s email and the way the HR manager responded to her dad. After seeing the discrimination, Emily decided to share it on her Twitter account for the world to see.

During an interview with NextShark, she said, “My dad told me that he isn’t that ‘hurt’ by it, but there’s a big stigma around Asian immigrant parents that deal with this all the time. They brush it off because they don’t understand the depth of the situation. People always use micro-aggression with or without knowing they do which is a big concern when it comes to the treatment of future citizens. I’m just disgusted.”

After Emily took it to Twitter and showed the real face of Mr. Peterson’s company, the backlash resulted in Bruce losing his job from his post. Because this was such a sensitive situation since a majority of immigrants are facing discrimination, and unnecessary pressure is being put on them. However, people are watching, and they certainly don’t agree with it.

Here are the tweets by Emily and some pictures of her with her dad, take a look at them!

Here’s a picture of Mr. Minh Huynh along with his daughter, Emily. That is indeed an adorable picture.


Here’s the email that Emily’s father received. Is that how you ridicule somebody who needs a job to support his family? Pathetic!

Don’t worry Mr. Minh; you will surely get a better job that you truly deserve.


Absolutely my thoughts!


There we go, somebody decided to help them out! Proud of you, Ma’am.


So here’s the email Minh’s family received after they took action.


Aww, right in the feels!


After this incident and viral tweets, many people came forward to offer help, and I think that’s beautiful.

After reading all this, my faith in humanity has been restored!

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