This Genius Twitterite Figured Out How To Stop That Annoying Autoplay Feature In Your Car

You know that song that always plays when you start the car?

It’s usually the first song on the USB or your phone when it’s connected via AUX to the stereo. There isn’t any way to turn off this autoplay feature yet, which is surprising, but someone found a way to work around it.

With all these people complaining about this thing, someone was bound to fix it.

Or at the very least, hack it.

It’s called “A a a a a very good song” and you can get it for a dollar.

It’s simple, cheap, and effective. Two minutes of absolute silence.

We even know what songs caused them so much misery before.

Listening to any song over and over will make you go nuts.

It becomes a race to close the song ASAP



But not everyone was done with listening to the first song on their playlist.



Android users, however, were a little confused. Reasonably, too.

It’s amazing to see what human anger is capable of.

He’s going viral and people are downloading his two minutes of silence out of pure anger.

So, what do you think? Is it helpful or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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