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10+ Reasons Why Tattoos Are Not A Good Idea In A Couple Of Years

10+ Reasons Why Tattoos Are Not A Good Idea In A Couple Of Years

Tattoos are a visual representation of your character.

For example, if I see your Legend Of Zelda Triforce tattoo, I know that you’re a gamer. If I see your CoD tattoo, I know that you’re a gamer with terrible tastes. See what I mean? And they just look cool as hell. Depending on whether you’re going for cute, or awesome, or anything in between, tattoos are the way to go. And recently, the most current generation of people have taken a very particular interest in tattoos. Whether it’s because of their artistic nature, or whether it’s because there is less stigma, young people want more tattoos.

Unfortunately, the part about tattoos that people don’t talk about is the fact that they don’t age particularly well. Since it’s ink in your skin, and skin wears out, your tats will also lose colour and boldness. They’ll need to be touched up regularly.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Here’s a collection of tattoos before and after time had its way with them.

#1 Skydiver tattoo


The interesting thing about this tattoo is that the blue lasted the longest. You can still see the sky, despite all the wear and tear.

#2 Aged and lost a lot of detail

The depth and shade of the tattoo were lost to time. The boldness disappeared, but it’s still extremely well done.

#3 Snakes eating each other’s tails

This still looks in good condition. It’s lost a bit of the “shine,” but it’s still a gorgeous tattoo.

#4 Waves

Mathew Foster

Once again, the blue is still okay. Maybe it has something to do with how tattooists use blue?

#5 Musical notes


Even though the colours have faded, it is still a very artistic tattoo. The blue is still the most prominent, and the orange is almost gone.

#6 Small print writing

Tattoos bleed a little and get fuzzy over time. This was a bad call. The tattoo artist should have warned them. Maybe the tattooist did, but they simply didn’t care.

#7 Lightsaber tattoo


The person who got the tattoo said:

When I had decided to get the tattoo done, I knew that the area was not ideal and that the tattoo would fade at some point. I made a point to follow the aftercare instructions “to a T”. My expectation was that I would have this tattoo for longer than a week.

#8 Rainbow Pegasus

I don’t know about this one though. The lighting, the quality, and the angles are all different.

#9 The key tattoo


The gold’s a little faded, but it still looks okay. They should probably get it touched up and add more colours.

#10 Astrology Taurus tattoo


The tribal design is fascinating, and the best part about tribal tattoos is that they’re very quick and easy to touch up.

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