This Chart Explains How Often You Should Wash Your Clothing And My Whole Life Has Been A Lie

Insider recently explained how often you should wash your clothes.

And it is nothing like you’d imagine. Not even remotely close to what you imagine. See, we’re taught to believe that some clothes should be rarely washed, some frequently washed, some never washed (Like silk suits!) but that’s not the case!

We’ve got a comprehensive guide on how often to wash things from bathing suits to scarves, and it’ll be your go-to guide on your future laundry. Speaking of, has anyone ever really completely done their laundry? I mean¬†completely?

Because, you’re still wearing clean clothes. Unless all of your clothes are in the wash, and you’re standing there, buck ass nude, waiting for it to get cleaned, then you’ve never truly done all your laundry, have you?

Source: Business Insider

Bathing suits – Every wear

Blouses – 1 or 2 wears

Bras – 2 or 3 wears

Coats – once or twice a season

Dress shirts – 1 or 2 wears with undershirt, one wear when without

Dresses – 1 or 3 wears

Jeans – When they smell

Pajamas – 3 or 4 wears

Pants – Every so often

Scarves – 3 to 5 times a season

Shoes – When dirty

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