Women Tweet About How Their Husbands Behave When They’re Sick And It’s Hilariously Real

Having a boyfriend is like having a second, annoying child.

No offence, guys. But men can really be babies at times. They just don’t understand some things, and it can be almost impossible to make them understand. However, husbands are on a whole new level. You have to deal with them no matter what, and they can behave hilarious at times.

But when are they the weirdest? It’s when they’re sick. Women on Twitter tweeted about how men behave when they’re ill, and it’s the most hilarious thing you’ll read today.

Scroll down below and enjoy a good laugh:

Via Dump A Day

1. I feel you, sis.

2. Husband vs. Wife when sick.

3. Cold = Dying

4. Man cold.

5. Grey’s Anatomy time.

6. I hope she feels better.

7. Weeks later.

8. He’s already dying.

9. I hope he doesn’t die.

10. One thousand babies.

11. Man dying or real dying?

12. That’s too much.

13. Pregnancy or cold; which is worse?

14. I meant what I said.

15. On the market again.

16. Deathbed Vs. Cold

How does your husband behave when he’s sick? Let us know in the comments below!

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