10+ Surprising Photos Of Foods That You Had No Idea How They Grow

Today we’re going to explore some of our favorite foods.

So maybe ‘explore’ is a bit misleading and ‘favorite’ might be too strong a word. I do, however, stand by what I said. You see, we never tend to pay attention to what the things we put in our stomach really look like.

Turns out, they look quite different from when they are in the fields to what they are on the plate. Ready to be surprised?

#1 Sesame Seeds.

Via Wikipedia

They look exactly like beans!

#2 Pistachios.

Via Panoramio

Ummm but why are they not green?

#3 Vanilla Bean.

Via Flickr

This is definitely some low hanging food.

#4 Kiwi.

Via Blogger

Who knew Kiwi was so beautiful?

#5 Peanuts.

Via WordPress

Peanuts have flowers? Now that is a surprise!

#6 Brussels Sprouts.

Via Flickr

I know that these aren’t any different, but they do look quite weird. No?

#7 Almonds.

Via Flickr

I did not expect that.

#8 Cinnamon.

Via Blogspot

Are we sure it is not just a tree?

#9 Cranberries.

Via Wikipedia

Now, this is absolutely breathtaking.

#10 Cacao.

Via Wikipedia

Who knew something so weird makes something that is loved by most people?

#11 Saffron.

Via Garden of Eaden

Yes, they grow out of rocks. Just look at the colors though!

#12 Cashews.

Via Wikipedia

Are we sure this is not some kind of pepper?

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