Spot On Illustrations Depicts How Dogs See The World Vs How We See It

For most of us dog lovers, our pets are no less than our life partners. We do all sorts of things and fun stuff with our best friends. And we can always tell that our dogs are madly in love with even the tiniest bit of our routines with them. The excitement and delight on their faces, frantically wagging their tails and jumping all around us.
That’s one side of the story as we see their expressions. Have you ever thought how dogs perceive their everyday routines with us? Let’s not talk about the color vision and things like that. It’s about how they see the world and feel about it.

San Francisco-based illustrator Robert Brown has some interesting theories about how our four legged friends see the world. He has illustrated the dog version of the world in some really amusing artwork. For a simple looking bath may seem a source of horrific torture and inexplicable horror to our little friend. Or our “Hey buddy” expression would mean the world to him. Let’s explore the world through the exciting perception of our best friend, with some help from Robert Brown.

More info: brwnbear.com | Behance | Instagram (h/t: collegehumor)








How accurately you think these illustrations depict the world of your dog? You can also come up with your own dog world theories. Can’t wait to look at some Dog World Creativity from our readers.

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